Hi, just installed ASC on my Mac (Sonoma 14.5) and as the ASC FAQ recommendation suggests, I have given it Full Disk Access.

However, under Full Disc Access there’s also another program called “com.Arturia“

So far I haven’t found any mention of this searching this forum.

ASC appears to be working fine, I just wondered both what it is and whether that too needs full disk access?

Many thanks.

On my Sonoma 14.5 none of Arturia software I own (including ASC) has Full Disk Access permission and everything works just fine.

Full access is OK for some kind of antivirus but not for user software.

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Many thanks.

Native Instruments say it’s required for their stuff under Sonoma so when I read the FAQ for the V series and they recommended it, I presumed it was needed.

(I’m new to the Mac world)

I would not trust any user software that demands a full disk access without a clear justification :wink:

“Full Disk Access – Allow apps to access all files on your computer, including data from other apps (for example, Mail, Messages, Safari and Home), data from Time Machine backups and certain administrative settings for all users on this Mac.” – Change Privacy & Security settings on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

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As I left it installing when I went to bed (before reading your first reply) I gave ASC full disk access.

Today after reading your response, I removed that access.

I still had the few things that were not part of V to install.

Clicking install on any of these, after about 20 seconds ASC was simply showing me the option to install them again.

I tried numerous times, same thing, no error message, just nothing happening.

Was about to ask support when I thought I’d try giving ASC full disk access again.

They all installed first time with this enabled.

This is odd as you have the same operating system as I have, I also installed Pigments yesterday before granting ASC full access and that installed fine.

The only thing I can think of is that because I gave ASC full access overnight, something on the installer now insists on having the full access to install anything else.

I installed ASC two MacOS versions ago, perhaps Apple and/or Arturia security policies were different in those days. Better to contact Arturia support directly.

I still think Arturia must not require Full Disk Access permission even to e.g. tie your software licenses to your user/hardware profile more closely then is possible without potentially dangerously access to all your personal data at once.

AFAIU none of the claimed data collected requires the Full Disk Access permission:

Privacy Policy | Arturia - The Sound Explorers :

What Personal Data do we collect?

Data from the Arturia Software Center (ASC) is collected in order to permit the use of our software. This mandatory data includes the used device name, its OS, CPU and RAM information, IP address and a custom unique identifier. The Arturia Software Center lets you optionally share usage information of our services. If you choose to accept this, it may send us the usage frequency of the Arturia licensed software titles activated on the machine, the version of the software titles and the Digital Audio Workstation (“DAW”) in which you use it. This information lets us tailor our services to match our customers needs, so that you receive the best experience possible.

From the other hand:

Privacy Policy | Arturia - The Sound Explorers :

Sharing with trusted third parties

We may share your personal data with trusted third party service providers as necessary for them to perform services on our behalf and/or when you have permitted such use (where applicable), such as:

  • Credit Mutuel, Paypal, and Braintree for processing payments
  • UPS and Fedex for the physically shipping services to you
  • Facebook, Google, and Criteo for serving advertisements
  • Google for performing analysis of our services and customer demographics
  • Zendesk, Fog Creek, Elastic Email, and Brevo for communicating with you, such as by way email or survey delivery
  • Splice, Zendesk, and SupportSync for customer relationship manageme
  • Firebase for providing application KPI and Crash report

It’s not clear if this is only related to your behavior on Arturia web site (then ad block is your friend) or if it also applies ASC (since the Privacy link is referenced in the ASC License Agreement).


First thing is, the “com.Arturia” thing should have a better name. This is a bug and we’ve just logged it in our bug tracker. I didn’t investigate but that seems to be the ASC agent, which requires the Full Disk Access.

Second thing, the full disk access is required to install our software on your Mac. We need to access a bunch of directory like /Library/Arturia or /Applications and this permission is needed to do so.

The ASC collects some data about your computer hardware, and our different plugins can retrieve statistics of use. But we do not scan any other applications, folders or files.

Cheers !

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@Tim.Arturia, thanks for the clarification.

Correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not a MacOS developer), but Full Disk Access permission is not required for an app installation into /Applications/.

As for /Library/Arturia you’re right. The question is rather why it’s not in /Library/Application Support/Arturia (or in ~/Library/Application Support/Arturia)?

And regarding /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST or /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 looks like Full Disk Access is not required too - e.g. I have TB_Morphit VST installed and the installer does not ask this permission. There is also ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ option.

I guess it’s better to ask from users as few permissions as possible just to reduce any possible damage e.g. in case of some unintentional software misbehavior. Especially assuming data privacy hype nowadays :wink:

Could you mark it as a feature request please?

I must agree with you that it could be better. I’ve opened a feature request in our tracker.

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