Changing track also changes CV out

Hi! I have a strange problem on my key step pro.
I have connected the CV out from the tracks to different synths on my eurorack.
I can set them up and play them one by one, so I know they work.
But when ever I change to a different track, it also seems to change the CV out to corresponding track. And it seems to change them on all of the tracks to be the same.

So if I set up track 2 to send to CV 2, and then change to track 3 it sets also track 2 to cv 3?

I just upgraded to latest firmware and factory reset but still same problem?


We’re aware of the issue and doing our best to fix it.
While waiting there’s a workaround :
After a factory reset, track one is routed to CV 1, track two to CV 2 and so on. Regardless of what LEDs display. So just don’t touch CV routing after a factory reset and you’re good.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Sorry it was a mistake on my part.
It should work ok !
Maybe you were confused by the visual feedback ? CV voices that are enable in another track are lit but dimmed.

Sorry about that