Changing parts of presets

I am new to the synth community, and I wanted to know more about how to make different sounds. There are a wide variety of presets provided with the Microfreak Stellar, but they can’t be modified with the manual knobs. I know I can make the knobs represent the sound by hitting the panel button, but then it produces an entirely different sound because the preset’s settings aren’t the same as the knobs’ settings.

In short, I’m wondering if there’s a way to find the values of each setting in the preset so that I can manually recreate it onto the knobs. I want to replicate the preset onto the device so that I can experiment with changing different parts like the envelope.

Also any beginner tips would be great.

There’s no easy way to know what all parameters are at once, but for each parameter you change, the Save button does light up when you have the knob set to the original value.

Why do you say presets “can’t be modified with the manual knobs”? You should be able to adjust whatever you’d like for any preset.

I was originally thinking that because without hitting the panel button, the knobs wouldn’t adjust anything, and if you hit the panel button while the knobs didn’t represent the parameters of the preset, it would play a random sound mostly unrelated to the preset. However, now that I know that the save button lights up when the manual knob matches the preset parameter, I can do that for each parameter and adjust that preset however I want to. Thank you, this was a game-changer.

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