Change MIDI channel not just on the tracks

I used to have a Keystep but recently sold it and bought a Keystep Pro instead since I wanted the 4 track sequencer. I’m sequencing 4 hardware synths with the Keystep Pro sequencer, set to channels 1 - 4. I also have a Roland MC-707 with its own sequencer and 8 MIDI channels set to 5 - 12. I want to switch to MIDI channel 5 on the keystep so I can play the keys and record that MIDI information into the 707. On the original Keystep I could press shift + keys 1-16 on the keyboard to choose which MIDI channel to use but I haven’t found a way to do that on the Pro. I was thinking maybe pressing shift + buttons 1 - 16 would let med do this but it doesn’t. What am I missing?

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To change the ‘MIDI Channel Out’ of a ‘Track’:

  • Hold ‘Track 1-4’ + Turn Main Encoder (to select)
  • Click on Main encoder

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Thank you. I knew that. Maybe I was a bit unclear in my first post. I have synths assigned to all the 4 tracks (MIDI channel 1-4) on the keystep pro. Now I want to play the keyboard and record that to the MC-707 MIDI channel 5 - 12 without having to change any of the tracks on the KSP. I just figured I could, for example, press shift + button 1 - 16, or 5 - 12 in my case, to chose which channel to use without having to switch back and forth on the tracks.

I mean I can of course change MIDI on a track temporarly ( that’s what I do at the moment ) But it’s inconvenient doing it that way when I have recorded sequences to all the tracks.

I hope I’m a bit clearer this time. :slight_smile:

I actually wasn’t aware of this shortcut, holding the track button and spinning the knob… neat!

I hear ya

the only way I can think of to currently (kind of) do this, is to use the drum mode on midi channel 5 and deal with it only being 2 octaves

I know this isn’t exactly what you want though