Cant use a drum and a synth sequencer simultaneously on the beatstep pro

Hi there, i have a problem with using my mopho synth with my tr 707 simultaneusly, it happens i Can only use 1 at the time, when i desconnect the drum from the midi out the mopho starts but when i Connect the tr the mopho stops… its very weird, sequencer one is with channel 1 and the drum in channel 10… any help will be appreciated!

Hi @Aik . Welcome to the community.

I’m not sure i understand your setup.
Perhaps it would help me or another, if you posted all your excact setup connections between all your devices.
What send the clock?

I’m wondering if perhaps the mopho only accepts one signal (one midi channel) at a time? In other words, I think you need to use a separate synth (ex. the mopho) for your synth sequence (ex. on midi channel 1) and a separate drum machine (on midi channel 10) in order to do what you want.

I don’t know the mopho so maybe this reply is not helpful.

When I use the Beatstep pro…I have a Microbrute on midi channel 1, a Minibrute on midi channel 2 and a Alesis drum machine on midi channel 10. Is all seems to work correctly with that configuration.

I’ve also been able to have the Beatstep Pro control 3 tracks in Logic Pro X, a synth receiving on channel 1, a synth receiving on channel 2 and a drum synth receiving on channel 10. With this setup, the Beatstep Pro is in charge of the tempo and Logic Pro X just hosts the instruments. I did have to watch a YouTube video to learn how to set that up.

Good luck figuring it all out.