Cannot use bluetooth

Astrolab is not able to discover bluetooth devices to pair so if the other device like is my case is neither able is impossible to pair.

I have just discovered that the bluetooth functionality in Astrolab is to input sound from a tablet or smartphone not to output sound

Yes, because the latency would be so long it would be completely unusable. This is something I once thought was common knowledge. Yet once or twice a week on the FB music creators’ forum I’m on, some newby will join, complaining about crippling latency, and ten replies in, he drops the little nugget of information that he’s using BT headphones. Wish I’d got £10 for every time I’ve seen the same problem reported in the 15-or-so years since BT headphones and speakers became ‘a thing’. I couldn’t retire with the money, but I’d easily have enough for a cruise.

Yes, the AstroLab includes a Bluetooth receiver.
The main purpose of this featuree is to connect a smartphone or tablet to it, so you can play on the AstroLab over backing tracks / loops that are in your mobile device.
In this case, the audio output of the AstroLab is a mix of the “mobile track” and the AstroLab’s sound.

Since the idea is to play in real-time on the AstroLab over a backing track that is received via Bluetooth, latency is not an issue for this application.


Yep, I know. It’s the folks who think it will transmit bluetooth that fascinate me, because obviously that would be a disaster because of latency, and Arturia are absolutely right to not facilitate it.

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