Cannot save MIDI config

I’m using a Mac with Logic. Whatever I do, I don’t seem to be able to get MIDI mapping to persist between sessions. With all my other soft synths MIDI mappings are saved automatically when the project is saved. With Pigments, when I start creating mappings, it creates a new MIDI Config called User1. Whether or not I save that config, it disappears when I close Logic and is not available when I open the project again so I have to do all my mappings from scratch.

Hi @delirious . Welcome to the community.

When you have saved the midi config, then it is’nt even to be found in the midi config dropdown menu?

You can’t have one config saved and named User1 in one instance, and then another config with the same name in another instance, if that’s what you try to do.

From the manual:
" MIDI Config Menu
Below the MIDI controller menu is another drop-down where you can manage different
sets of MIDI maps for controlling Pigments from MIDI hardware. You can save/save as the
current MIDI assignment setup or delete it, import a configuration file, or export the currently
active one.
This is a quick way to set up different hardware MIDI keyboards or controllers with
Pigments without having to build all the assignments from scratch each time you swap
Two options in this menu are especially powerful:
• Default gives you a starting point with predetermined controller assignments
• Empty removes the assignments of all controls

Unfortunately the chosen different midi config maps is’nt saved in my DAW Studio One 6. I would like that to be the case. So if this is your issue, the i suggest you contact Arturia support through your Arturia account.

FYI: Exporting the midi configs can be a security for you.