Cannot play back channel aftertouch in Ableton Live

In an Ableton Live track with Polybrute Connect, I record a MIDI clip which involves manipulating the ribbon, the Morphée and the channel aftertouch. I can see that all of these are recorded into my clip: the three Morphée dimensions and the ribbon under “Polybrute Connect” and the channel aftertouch under “MIDI”.

But when I play it back, I hear the ribbon and Morphée changes, but the recorded channel aftertouch has no effect on the Polybrute. Does anyone know a solution to this?

(I notice there’s a post on the legacy forum about this too.)

I found a workaround, which I’ll leave here for anyone else with the same problem:

Set up three tracks for the Polybrute:

  1. Audio from the Polybrute’s audio outs. Call this “PB Audio”. Set its monitor to “In” or “Auto”.
  2. MIDI, with Polybrute Connect instantiated on the track. Call this “PB MIDI”. Set its monitor to “Auto”.
  3. MIDI, with “MIDI From” set to “PB MIDI” and “MIDI To” set to “Polybrute MIDI” with the same channel that your Polybrute expects input on. Call this “PB MIDI 2”. Set its monitor to “In”.

Record your MIDI clips on track 2 (“PB MIDI”). Both Polybrute Connect messages and MIDI CCs will be recorded into your clip. When you play back the clip, Polybrute Connect will send the ribbon, Morphée and suchlike to the Polybrute, while the CC data (including aftertouch) will be sent to the Polybrute via your third track.


Hello @rrr123 glad to see you here!
Thanks so much for sharing your solution on how to set up your tracks for PolyBrute in Ableton #brute-hardware.
Let’s keep exploring!