Can you change volume for a range of keys

I’m completely new to music production and am just getting started on my new Keylab Essential 61. In my case, the output volume seems more heavily weighted towards the bass chords, making it difficult to hear single higher register melody notes when playing with both hands. (My hearing is more sensitive to the lower registers so that might be part of it) Currently I’m using Vintage Organ from Analog Lab V inside of Ableton Live Lite. Short of recording and adjusting the sound later, is there a way to change the apparent volume of just a range of keys while playing so I can hear the balance I’d like while recording? I’d like to avoid adding additional equipment like an Equalizer.

Hi @photohobo . Welcome to the community.

No as far as i can see, then it’s not possible just like that in the Organs.
Organs don’t use velocity, so even if you could set a certain velocity curve, then it won’t work in organs.
In Synths you could perhaps use Keyboard tracking to control the amp over the key range pr preset or use other modulation.

In the Organs you can adjust the Drawbars pr preset in Organs that have Drawbars.
You can perhaps use a global EQ like you mention you try to avoid.