Can the sequencer output only to MIDI without playing the synth?

I would like to use the PolyBrute’s sequencer to control a drum synth (the Nord Lead 2X in percussion mode) over MIDI, and play the PolyBrute at the same time without the sequencer triggering notes on the PolyBrute.

While it is possible to set the PolyBrute to send the sequence over MIDI, I cannot seem to find a way to disconnect the sequencer from the PolyBrute’s synth engine.

When I set Local off, the PolyBrute no longer produces sound at all.

I haven’t tried this yet, but perhaps I could do this:

  • have the drum synth listen on MIDI channel 1
  • send only the sequencer output over MIDI out, channel 1
  • let the PolyBrute output notes over MIDI out, channel 2
  • set Local Off and route MIDI channel 2 back to the PolyBrute to connect the keyboard to the synth engine

Or is it impossible to treat sequencer notes separately from keyboard-generated notes?