Can I use my Korg nanoPad2 with

Can I use my Korg NanoPad2 with my Polybrute synth.
I want to use the USB connection to connect this to the Pad2.

Comments please.


You cannot connect the NanoPad2 directly to the Polybrute (they are both USB Devices and they need to connect to a USB Host).

You could connect them both to a computer (the computer is a USB Host) and then they can talk to each other, as long as they are communicating on the same MIDI channel.

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Thank you for your response!
I use an ESI M4U for midi and it doesn’t have a USB connection for my Korg pad2, but I’m going to try it via my PC and see if I can send that midi signal to the Polybrute…
I have no idea which midi channel the pad2 works on…
Thanks for your effort,