Can I change the the preset which loads when I start pigments?

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I was wondering if it’s possible to change the preset “Really Long Keys” which loads when you create a new instance of Pigments in your DAW (Ableton in my case).

I’ve like it to load an init-style preset instead (I think there’s one called Default, which seems to fit the bill).

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No that’s unfortunately not possible.

Arturia perhaps could make that variable available inside the instrument settings.

I have no idea in which file the variable is stored. And it would also just be a sort of workaround to change files that Arturia can change with updates.

In case you don’t know: When you select “New Preset” in the main menu, then you load the factory “Default” preset. It’s not the same i know, but does’nt take long.


Does Ableton have a concept called “Track Templates”?

In “Cakewalk by Bandlab” you create a track with your VSTi configured as you like. Then you can save it as a track template. Next time you load that track template, the vsti is ready to go - complete with selected preset.

I am wondering if Ableton has a similar functionality.


Thanks for your input, all.

I’ve figured out a way to do this in Ableton. If you load Pigments, then load the default preset.

Next, right click on the Pigments device title bar at the bottom of the screen and click ‘Save as Default Configuration’.

Finally, Go to the Pigments plugin in the Browser Content Pane on the left hand side of Ableton, and click the right chevron next to it’s name. This should show a dropdown with an item in it called Pigments.vstpreset.

Favourite this, and when you double click it to load, the default preset will be the one which loads. Hope this helps someone!

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It’s now possible in Pigments 5 to save any preset as opening preset thru Pigments Main menu.

LBH I totally missed that feature! Thank you so much, I have been requesting this since a while. It doesn’t seem like much, but open Pigments 1000 times without the need to select “New preset” or your template and you start to notice how good this is. There was a workaround before this update to set up a custom opening preset, but it was not intuitive and would get overwritten with every software update