Burial style soundscapes

I really like the cinematic soundscape/pads found in the Burial pack, how would I go about creating these myself?

Make a cool sound… add Reverb! :smiley:

There’s no simple way to answer that because it’s different for each patch, but Pigments is great for learning sound design.

Load up one of the sounds you like and start analyzing the different aspects that make it up:
See what each of the Sound engines are and how they are setup.
See what FX are being used.
See what each of the modulations change.
Turn various bits off and on and see how they affect the overall sound.
Edit some parameters and see how the sound changes.

Then start from the Default patch and imitate what you learned. Start simple; turn on one Sound engine and add some filtering, modulation, and FX. Then build up more complex changes as you get more comfortable.

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