Bugs I've noticed in FW2

If I’m playing a sequence, and I switch patches, the next patch is also in sequencer mode and (only sometimes) carries on playing with the new patch.

i don’t recall it doing that before. and it doesn’t occur consistently. perhaps I’m misunderstanding something.

If I’m playing a sequence with more than 16 steps, the light above 16,32,48,64 which shows the currently selected pattern (on the right) is sometimes lit and sometimes not.

Aside: it is not easy to determine which is currently lit - the yellow and green are so close to each other.

Sometimes when switching from sequencer to arp, the lights stay lit as they were on the sequencer. Switching back and forth a few times resets it.

I’ll add more as I find them.

To clarify: these bugs are on the hardware device.

HI @datashaman
Thanks for the detailed report, i’m sure our team will find them useful!