[BUG] Volatile or invisible changes to oscillator pitches within Macro1 and Macro2

Current behavior in firmware (hardware):
Within the two macros, the pitches of Oscillator1 and Oscillator2 cannot be saved within certain ranges, although you can edit them in these ranges.

The pitches cannot be finely adjusted with the two macro functions.

0 Make sure that the macro used in the following steps is set to intensity 0.

  1. Start editing one of the two macros Macro1 or Macro2 by pressing Shift+“Macros M1 M2 / Assign”.
  2. Turn the “Tune” control of the currently selected oscillator to set a value between -0.59 and -0.01, or +0.01 and +0.59.
  3. Press the “Select” button once to switch to the other oscillator.
  4. Repeat step 2 with the opposite sign for the set value
  5. Exit the macro editing mode by pressing Shift+“Macros M1 M2 / Assign”.
  6. Set the intensity of the macro edited in steps 1-4 to 100%. The pitch does not change.
  7. Jump to the macro editing mode by carrying out the steps described in step 1. The display does not show the previously set changes to Pitch1 and Pitch2.
  8. Turn the Tune control: the display starts with the previously set values.

The described behavior only changes outside the value range from -59 cents to 59 cents.