[BUG] Vibrato depth does not reflect patch value after powerup

It doesn’t happen with all patches (I tried it with the factory preset 244 Forth, for example, without being able to reproduce it), but if vibrato is active in the last patch edited and saved and has a very small vibrato depth, for example, then it can happen that the vibrato depth has a much higher value after switching on (in the case of the patch created, the value of 7 semitones instead of 0.2 semitones, which led me to assume that it could be the value for the bend range). However, this has not been confirmed). The corresponding patch can be supplied if required.

Hey @PhonicGate thanks for identifying this bug! We’re sorry to hear about it.

We will let our team know about this in order to add it to their priorities and they will contact you.

Please let us know if you find any other issue.

Best :zap: