[Bug]Undo recording

Page 124 in the manual “Undo is also useful to undo the last recording you made. Undo will restore the KeyStep Pro to the state it was in before recording started.”

Making a recording and pressing undo does not undo the recording. So this statement in the manual is incorrect? Or am I missing something?

I agree this text might need some revision. I believe what the writers were trying to express is that if you erase a pattern and then do a new recording into that pattern, you can still return to the old pattern by hitting Undo – even if the Undo light has stopped flashing.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll mark this thread as a 'bug ’ so our team are aware of it.

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OK. But having an undo option for recording, seems like something pretty essential, especially for live performance.

I was pondering this and realized the function might be more complex than it seems. A single “recording” (in other words, everything added since the last time the record button was activated) can include many events, often recorded across multiple tracks. That’s especially true in a live setting. Would all those events be undone? Just the current track’s events? I think I might prefer to surgically erase them to avoid unwanted surprises. But it’s worth thinking about for sure.

Yes, I get what you mean, and if undo did undo a recording, it might just do so one note at a time (note input is what I want undone), which arguably is what would be expected. What I am looking for is the same as Clr Ptn . The only issue with that is that it needs 2 hands, whereas you can do an Undo with one hand, while the other is still in place to replay the keys. I am a one-handed player :wink: I guess I just need to practice