[BUG] Time-synchronised cyclic envelope generates "unwanted noise"

Could we perhaps slowly introduce the patch category “Bug”, because the patches that were created solely for a bug description are slowly piling up at my place. (This simply reflects the dissatisfaction of a perfectionist who considers it essential that software should be of better quality).

If you set the “Cyclic Env” to “Tempo Sync” and set the time for Hold to 0/16 and modulate with these settings, e.g. VCA or Osc-Pitch, then a rather ugly noise is generated. This should also apply to all other modulation destinations where this is attempted. This raises the question of whether a value of 0/16 should be present at all in synchronous mode. The same applies to the “Rise” value of the cyclic envelope, whereas the smallest value for “Fall” is 1/16.

The question also arises as to why it is always sixteenths and the value is not adjustable or corresponds to the tempo of the “Time Div” of the sequencer or, even better, has its own “Time Div” in the “Cyclic Env” parameters.

An according patch can be provided upon request.

HI @PhonicGate ,

It could look like there are issues with the Sync mode when in RUN mode. However, i’m not sure it’s about how the CYC ENV work especially in RUN mode.
It only retrigger it self when in RUN mode. It’s not retriggered by a key press like in LOOP mode and in ENV mode.

I think it’s hard to understand how the SYNC works and find the right settings.
In the manual it says Segments is synced. But it’s not clear to me what that is, i it does’nt seem like a single value equals a 1/16 note or a 1/64 note.
Some explanation in the manual would be good Arturia.
I 'm not sure it’s a good idea to use Sync when in RUN mode. Especially not with low parameter values. I think that’s where you get the noise. It can be fast self retriggering.
There could be a SYNC bug. I suggest you contact Arturia support.

A value is set for both RISE, FALL and HOLD. They all impact the total tempo. It would be great if it’s possible to add time divisions.

It goes without saying that the cyclical envelope restarts itself in RUN mode by design. That’s the point of Run mode and Loop mode (mono vs poly), that the cyclic envelope can also work as an LFO, so to speak. The manual itself says " This choice means that instead of a series of conventional RHF shapes, the Cycling Envelope creates a series of Rise/Fall spikes separated by the Hold time… like an automated AR envelope", which is exactly why a value of 0/16 makes little sense, because the resulting delay, which is dependent on the implementation, is what creates the noise in the first place.

And yes, in sync mode, 1/16 means that you can synchronise the cyclic envelope and the sequencer and thus, for example, create a different “rhythm” via the envelope than in the sequencer by selecting the appropriate length of the segments.

I have of course contacted the support team about this. I am making the error descriptions public for 3 reasons:

  1. To make them comprehensible for other users
  2. As a bug description for the Arturia development team
  3. To put more pressure on the development team to actually fix these bugs.