Bug or ADSR have strange curve?


When I use ADSR with this settup

  • attack 4s
  • decay 7s
  • release 6s
  • sustain 0s

the attack is slow but then it stuck somwhere and then there is long period time when decay start. It sounds like attack is not longer then 1 or 2 secconds. Even when I set attack for 8s, the attack start but it is quickly on “max” more longer the attack is, it more sounds like I turn sustain on. I am not sure if this is real behaviour of Modular. For example this behaviour does not have Mini V3, the Attack is very nice and sounds as to be if I set up 2 seccond attack or longer, compared to Modular.


If it’s a VCA envelope, then it can be the Slope parameter settings.
Just below the Sustain parameter you have 2 Slope knobs. Set the left knob (SlopeTime) all the way to the left and the right knob (SlopeLevel) all the way to the right. Then they should have no effect.

Just in case: Please also keep in mind, that when you play a note allready playing, then it will start at current level.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, but I mean those ADSR which are on top. And if I recal correctly, they don’t have 2 slope knobs.

I think i understand what your mean. It reach top level faster than the set time it sound like, but perhaps it’s because the last time is’nt audioble.
I can’t tell, if this is’nt normal behavior for a real Moog modular envelope module.
In any case i don’t think it will be changed - at least in this version of Modular. You can allways try to contact Arturia support and ask.

Yes, it reach top level faster then the set time. I don’t think because the last time is’nt audible, I think it is beacuse strange curve is set? I guess.
And yes I will contact support, but before I wanted to be sure it is not user fault (me). Thanks for response.

I personally feel it must be a bug. It’s not possible to have usable long Attack times, if one don’t wan’t to have the sound sustained at max for a long time before entering the Decay phase…