[Bug] MPE not working correctly. line select mode 1+1

So, when you the use CZ V in MPE mode there is a bug when you use the line select mode '1+1"

in this line select mode 1+1 the MPE pitch does not effect the second line.

this means the first line goes up in pitch, but the second line doesn’t and gives a weird effect.

it’s easy to hear this bug if you detune the second line by ‘fine tune 33’ or more.

any feedback on this bug?

I just tried it out and I’m hearing the same thing. Like Line 1’ is not being modulated by MPE pitch bend (although standard pitch bend works as expected).

There probably won’t be any feedback here from Arturia, but hopefully they’ll fix it whenever they update the VST next.

thanks for confirming!

shame as i thought this was to the place to highlight such things. let’s hope they listen as it stops me from using the VST with push 3.

If you haven’t already, I’d send a message to their support email. Maybe edit your post title to start with [Bug] too, so they can see it easily on the forum (or sometimes @matjones will go thru and make edits like that).

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Hi @Trevor

Sorry to hear about this, yep, as @Talahamut so spookily predicted :ghost: :ghost: i’ve listed this as a bug now, so if you can log in to your account to contact our support team, if you haven’t already, they’ll be interested to hear from you.