[Bug] mechanical noise settings not remembered in Logic Pro X

I love the CP70v but, I have three suggestions:

  1. Have an on/off switch the sample mechanical foot pedal noise of the piano. I know you can crank down it in the Advance mode, but when you save it, it doesn’t stay saved. I am using it in Logic Pro X and Mainstage.

  2. Add a delay with pitch shifter built in like the AMS Harmonizer. Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel used this on their CPs.

  3. Add the Roland JC120 Amp with the line out feature. Usually this amp is added in the mix on a lot of 80s records.

Hi @thebod1 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

I’ll mark this as a possible bug for you, i use the method you described and the settings are remembered on my own system, windows. This might be an OS specific bug.

Try saving the sound you’re using, if it’s a preset, say ‘CP-70 Funky’, (i just made that up so don’t go looking for it) save it as ‘CP-70 Funky2’ and see if it recalls properly then.
Both methods work perfectly on my own system.

The AMS DMX 15-80 S isn’t part of Arturia’s lineup currently, it would be nice if it was of course, but if you have a UAD2 device or a UA Apollo they do a rather nice one over there which i use quite often.

Again, Arturia don’t have any of the Jazz Chorus amps emulated currently, so it might be worth you putting in a separate feature request for that one.


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