[BUG?] KeyLab Mk2 WinRT MIDI device names issue (Windows 11)

Just noticed that the KeyLab MkII controller that I use is now showing up in Cubase when using the WinRT mode (which is generally much better in Windows) as the following:

  • KeyLab mkII 61 Input - main MIDI input, which is as expected
  • DAW Input - for the MIDIIN2 (KeyLab mkII 61) from the normal MIDI device names
  • DAW Output - for the KeyLab mkII 61 output
  • DAW Output - for the MIDIOUT2 (KeyLab mkII 61) from the normal MIDI device names

I have completely removed all my Arturia devices and reinstantiated them again, removed and reinstalled the latest Arturia MIDI Driver (1.3 as used with PolyBrute firmware 3.0) and have also reverted the KeyLab Mk2 firmware, with no change to the enumerated WinRT MIDI names.

My full set of devices is Arturia KeyLab 61 Mk2, KeyLab Essentials 3 (49), PolyBrute; ASM HydraSynth; StudioLogic SL88 Grand; CME XKey 25; ROLI Seaboard RISE 25; Novation LaunchControl XL, PreSonus Quantum MIDI connection (used for clock sync) plus some BOME MIDI routing used software-related routing.