Bug in Matrix Sequencer Arpeggiator

I believe this is a bug, when using the combined Matrix Sequencer Arpeggiator mode.

This is the matrix of the sound - on the second step I have voices 4/5/6 to be played.
It should only play the 4th voice if I hold down less than 4 notes


When I send the notes out over midi, it works as expected.
But when played locally on the Polybrute, the highest note of a chord held, gets played many times in unison, causing it to be louder and chorused sounding

Here is a recording of this -
On first two bars, I hold down 3 notes, then 4, 5 and 6 for the last few bars
You can hear how on the second step, the highest note held, being played by 3 voices in unison until I hold down 6 notes

I don’t recall it behaving like this before V3 firmware, as I made a sound demo using this patch, holding down 4 notes here

Hey @CoolColJ thanks for identifying this bug! We’re sorry to hear about it.

We will let our team know about this in order to add it to their priorities and they will contact you.

Please let us know if you find any other issue.

Best :zap: