Bug? Clicky Transients at the attack

Pigments_Preset_Subborn_20240127_06h07.pgtx (173.0 KB)

This attached preset reproduces the problem I’m having with a sub bass sound. Since version 5 update, I cam getting a clicky sound that I can’t cut until signal reaches Fx section where I can apply eq. It bypasses filter 1 an 2, and occasionally plays even if sound engines are off. Try it for yourself. I notified support, but I’m uploaded the preset here for reference.

I tried your patch in V5. One trick I use if the transient is too hard is to set ENV VCA Att Curve to -20 and slowly raise the Attack. On your patch, a value of about 3.2ms seems to remove it. This may or may not be a solution for you.

On a side note, I would rather have the hard transient and be able to remove it than not have it at all and try to create it :).

I tried this out as well. The click is definitely because of the 0 attack time in ENV VCA, but any LP filter should cut that down. The MS-20 filter you are using in the preset isn’t a sharp enough curve to remove it completely; the Multimode LP24 would do a better job of that.

But it does seem like a bug that the next keypress after turning off the ENGINE, still produces the click. And that only occurs if a filter is enabled, almost like it’s buffering something that still creates a sound even though all engines are off. Using the MM-LP24 filter, it only creates the click if Cutoff is rolled back a little bit too.

I tried duplicating this on Pigments 3 (3.5.1) and that extra click happens there as well (using MM-LP24), so it’s not new to version 5.

Support got back to me and said this function is intended by the developers. I was able to resolve using the recommendation of adding adjusting attack and also changing the filter type as mentioned here.

Did they happen to say anything about the extra click after the sound engine is turned off?

They did not mention about it, but I replied with that detail and added the example patch that I could not attach in the initial email. Will report back when they respond.