[Bug] Another bug with scanning down preset list?

It seems to concern SQ standalone (or as instrument in Analog Lab standalone).

I select Keys as type and scan down the list, either with mouse or keyboard and from time to time the focus jumps back to the beginning of the list.

I tried with Pigments and ARP and didn’t get the same behavior.

Asus i7-7700 on Windows 11.

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Hey @francoise

Thanks for that, i can reproduce here too on Win 10 Pro.

Have listed as a bug now.

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I have same issue. Have reported that on the support. They answered me with that:

Please try the below procedure, which explains how to reset your instrument/effect preferences:

(Make sure in case you have created any custom Midi mapping in your instrument to first back them up from the dedicated Midi → Midi Config menu located in the instrument side-panel )

  • Close your DAW or the instrument standalone app.

  • Launch the Arturia Software Center

  • Open the concerned Product detail panel.

  • Expand the bottom-right drop-down list and click on Clean Prefs.

  • The preferences should now be reset.

Once done, please update the preset index

  • To update the preset index you need to delete a specific temp file called “db.db3” which should be precisely located here:

On Mac OS :

Of course, make sure to reach the appropriate Library folder as Mac OS uses different ones.

  • Copy/Pasting, the path above directly in the Mac OS → Finder → Go to Folder menu should help facilitate things up:

On Windows :

Considering that this is a hidden folder, in case you wouldn’t have for now enabled the display of hidden folders please make sure to go to your Windows "File explorer "-> “Display” → And then check “Show hidden folders”

Alternatively, you should be also able to directly copy/paste the path indicated above in your Windows File browser address bar.

Once this file is deleted, the preset list will be updated on the software opening.

I did that. But still I can reproduce the issue on some preset packs, in SQ80 and Analog Lab.

Also they suggested just remove everything and reinstall from scratch. That’s lame. It’s bug from some last updates. I meet it around few months.

Hi kel,

I can get the jump in the following setting:

  1. I choose a Type ( eg. pad)
  2. while playing notes or a chord
  3. I click (move the arrow) on another preset

Then I get a jump.
When I don’t touch the controller, I don’t get the jump.

You’re right, kel,

I’m getting the jump randomly both with SQ80 standalone and Analog Lab Pro’s latest version with Keystep 37 on Windows 11.
Wether I play a note or not.

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Hi all,

It look like the presets in the SQ-80 V soundbanks Dust Materials and Raw Machinery are the reason for the browser jumping by me. The browser jump, when a preset in those banks are selected. Not sure if more presets do the same.

Can anyone confirm?

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I’m trying with SQ-80 V standalone ( When I’m in the Explore or Sound Banks menu, and have a preset from either of those two banks selected and press Up or Down arrow on the computer keyboard or the Up/Down icons in the preset textblock, I notice various types of weirdness. It either always changes to the first sound in the bank, or changes the preset correctly, but doesn’t show it as selected in the menu.

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Thanks for the confirmation @Talahamut.

Yes there is random strange behaviors.

So it seems the bug is about some soundbanks somehow and not about applications as such.

Yes, quite possible.
It would be unlikely that SQ V as such would have been programmed differently from most other instruments.

Astute observation, Talahamut.
Maybe you should contact support with this quite precise observation.

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Yes I can confirm.

In SQ standalone, with Dust and Raw, using the Arrow up or down (keyboard) jumps back to the top preset in the chosen order (a to z or z to z).
With the mouse, the selected preset is loaded but the focus changes to another preset without loading this other preset. Only the focus is lost.

I tested banks having ten or more SQ V presets (Hyper Rave, Lofi Cartridge, Techno Emotive, JSPA, Vintage factory, my own presets with many preste imported from Ensoniq SQ library) and they all behaved appropriately with keyboard and mouse.
I tested all the banks, when I got a jump, the preset (Apathy Pad) belonged to Raw. It remains to be confirmed but it seems that when there’s a jump, the preset belongs to Dust or Raw.

So in Win 11, with standalone SQ, Dust and Raw seem to be the culprits.


I assume something with the way the preset indexing is created for those two packs specifically. I tried looking in the db.db3 database tables, but without knowing how they use the data, I didn’t see anything glaringly obvious.

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It’s not your job and it would not be a solution for less informed users.
It’s also likely a big task. Good work!

If memory serves well, Dust and Raw were the two first banks for SQ V. Maybe there was a change in how SQ V handled the banks in later upgrades.

I notified Arturia technical support, with a link to the current discussion.
They replied "We already have logged this issue, and indeed I was able to reproduce it. "

It may seem a minor bug but these two banks came with the original SQ V and one may believe falsely it’s a widespread SQ bug.