Buchla Pitch Changes During Playback?

Hey Helpful People,

I created a part I love with the Buchla Easel (Version in Logic Pro. I have added some volume automation. For some reason, the pitch has changed, as if the vst is receiving a modulation command in midi. But there are no such commands. The only fix is reloading the plugin. but then it happens again…

Anyone know whats up or how to fix this?

Many thanks.

Hi @spacecadet . Welcome to the community.

It can very well be a modulation in the preset it self. If it’s a factory preset then you can name it. If it’s a user preset you can post it. Then i or someone else perhaps can check it and help.

Thanks LBH. Yes its the factory preset pad called ‘fly.’ I havent made any changes to it.

here’s a screenshot.

Hi again @spacecadet ,

In that factory factory preset the Gravity modulator in the Advanced section ad pitch modulation. It’s very little, but can be more, if the amount of modulation is being changed.

A more likely candidate can be the modwheel change pitch. Have you checked your modwheel output? It can be you change the modwheel setting or the output is shifting by it self.

Thanks LBH! That seems like a fix- the modwheel was off center haha.

Indeed haha. I know about that. Thanks for reporting back.

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