Black keys velocity

Hi! I’ve recently got a KeyLab Essential mk3 88, and there’s a significant issue with it. The black keys are way more sensitive than the white keys, with a difference of about 15-20 points. I’ve tested it in Pianoteq and the MIDI console in the MIDI Control Center.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Does anyone know any workarounds to fix this? I’ve already tried PianoTuner, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve also checked VelPro, but I couldn’t set the correct velocity levels with its curves no matter what I did—the black keys easily reach 127 while I need to literally beat the white keys to get the same velocity.
  2. Is Arturia aware of this problem? The fix must be pretty simple—they could just add a knob in the MIDI Control Center to adjust the sensitivity of the black or white keys. It’s a common problem across cheap controllers, and I honestly have no idea why it’s not addressed. I’ve read quite a few messages from people returning controllers because of this issue, and unfortunately I would do the same if there’s no way to fix it because it’s simply unplayable.

Hi @passer-by and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

IF you’ve tried all of the above with no success, the i’d suggest to log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

It’s exactly the same on the Keylab 61 MkII which advertises itself as:

  • “Another level in terms of quality and luxury”
  • “feature Arturia’s Pro-Feel action”
  • “Sensitive enough to accurately capture the subtleties and nuances of delicate playing”
  • “Arturia have created a controller designed from the ground up to not let you down”

It’s maddening having that level of hyperbole for a rubbish keyboard.