Big problem with minifreak and FL studio

Good morning, I’ve been using the minifreak for a few months now. Only for about a week (around the update) a problem occurred when I use minifreak with Fl studio: When I start the music and the minifreak is connected to midi (to be able to use it with minifreak V) FL studio freezes and generates an unpleasant sound which only stops if I unplug the minifreak.I tried to see if it was a problem with the sound card (minifuse) or my PC using other midi keyboards but it is only with the minifreak that I encounter this problem.Honestly it’s really boring because I just can’t use the minifreak in midi which is still one of its big strong points when you use it with minifreak V. I’ve tried a lot of things, I probably screwed up somewhere but I can’t figure out where. Does anyone have the same problem or a solution? It’s really annoying, I can no longer use it to compose.Thank you in advance, have a good day!

Hi @alex

It could be really handy if you were to list your system specifications to help people diagnose your issue.
Firstly, you’re not using a USB hub are you? They can cause MYRIAD issues!

What exactly should I specify about my PC to help understand better? And yes unfortunately I use a USB hub, I know it’s not optimal but it had never caused me any problems before so for what I use it for it was enough for me…

Hi @alex

It could be useful to list your operating system, CPU type and speed, RAM type and speed, audio interface, software versions etc.
Some issues are often OS specific and things like USB hubs can cause issues.

Have you tried without your USB hub? That would be my first port of call, also worth checking on a different USB port and a different USB cable before digging deeper.