Best drum machine for KSP

Does anyone have a drum machine that maps to the drum channel on the KSP. I have the Behringer RD3 but it on seems to work on the track 1 sequencer (not drum) channel. I’ve tried changing the drum map but it never sticks.

If you have the RD-6, you can change the MIDI channel it communicates on.

From Sweetwater:
“By default, the RD-6 transmits on MIDI Ch. 1. To change it, press the SCALE FUNCTION and PATTERN GROUP buttons, then press one of the steps to select the respective MIDI channel (e.g., Step button number 5 is also MIDI channel 5) .”

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Many thanks for reply :+1:

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Hi @JimF

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@Talahamut is correct in what he says, I have an RD-8 & RD-9 and this is how you change their midi channels, I’m not sure about the RD-3 though, you’d have to check the manual.


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