Beatstep pro needing help

Hi I’ve recently got a beast step pro, and had it connected threw a midi box to which a west pest and east beast synths by cre8audio are connected…which when I hit play on the beatstep they all worked as I expected…now it’s been a while and I turned everything on and nothing is working ?
When I hit play the sequence does as expected yet no information seems to be getting sent from beatstep to synths.

I get audio when I press respective synths, I’ve tried connecting a td-3 to the synths and that gets them working but when I use beatstep pro nothing?

I’ve tried isolating one synth at a time but still the beast step pro won’t trigger them, everything is updated no computers involved.

As everything has always been connected and was working can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Any thoughts or ideas what I’m doing wrong?