Be careful about saving your patches!

Hi all, I’m using my PolyBrute connected to a Windows system via usb. I used the PolyBrute Connect software to manage updates and so forth. I recently discovered the many free patch banks available and was eager to try them. I had developed about 30 of my own custom patches several of which I was not only proud of but planned to use in my music (hobbyist). I saved the entire contents of the PolyBrute as a new project so I would have enough room on the board to explore all the new sound banks. Thinking I had safely preserved my precious patches, I initialized all the patch locations on the board (later realizing I didn’t even need to do that step). I loaded the new banks I had downloaded from the Arturia site (huge thanks to Arturia for these!) and began to explore. I had some room left over on the board and wanted to load my custom presets on. When I opened the project, every single bank was init patches. I had only saved the project once right after I created the new project and transferred all the patches to PolyBrute Connect. It has to be my fumble somehow, but it still hurts to loose all the fun I had made. Ah well, moving on. :-). Just be careful out there.

Yes indeed - I lost a project in the beginning - no big loss, as I do this regularly to be on the safe side.
Usually if one is asked save this to a project, one would expect it i done so - not PB-Connect.
The first approval to “Save” just approves the name chosen. The result is shown in the project area - all looks great.
Then, if you are happy with the content, you need to click the “Save” approval at the top of the project window.

  • Yes - the second “Save” must be removed. Alternatively rename the first “Save” to “Save Name” or change the description, or, or…
  • Even if you save something wrong, no damage is done - delete it and try again.