Automation of Analalog Lab Pro in Logic X

Im struggling to automate the 'source ’ synth parameters for Analog Lab Pro in Logic X. There are a few that will work, eg the operator level in DX-7 but mostly there is no response from any parameter I move whether the automation is set to latch/ write or touch. I am referring to Analog Pro presets.

I can however automate the macros and the FX parameters.

Doing the same in Ableton is slightly better but most parameters again are not available for automation.

If I use the equivalent synth, eg DX7 on its own, not’ housed’ in Analog Lab Pro I can automate everything.

Analog Lab Pro is all up to date as is all of V Collection 9.

Is this standard behaviour or am I missing something?

Thank you!

Logic Pro 10.8.1
Mac Studio M2 Max 32Gb
OS Venture 13.5
RME Fireface UCX TotalMix 1.83

Hi @sineboy . Welcome to the community.

Have you assigned the parameter to one of Analog Labs controls?
When you click first the TEXT and then Assign for a valid control to do this inside Analog Lab V, then you get the option to assign parameters that’s not possible to assign without owning the full applications. See image.


Feel free to ask further, if this is’nt enough information to make it work.

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I can reassign the lower 4 rotary controls and the 4 sliders to the right as you describe but not the upper 4 rotary controls. However Logic still does not record any automation when I move any controls other than the 4 upper rotarys- brightness/ timbre/ time/ movement .

Thank you.

Hi again @sineboy ,

Which hardware controller do you use?

There seem to be something fishy going on when using the Analog Lab rotaries with the mouse. Are you using the mouse or a hardware controller knob?
It seems to work with the Analog Lab sliders also when using the mouse.

It’s the only way to control parameters through Analog Lab. if the possibilities is’nt enough for you, then you have to use the full individual application.

I use Studio One 6. I’m on Windows.

I’m using the Arturia Minilab 3 as a controller and its the same whether I use that or the mouse. No automation when I assign a parameter thats not in one of these lists.

Really appreciate your help.

hi @sineboy ,

In that case i don’t think my help is enough. I don’t have a Arturia controller to test with. It perhaps also can be a OS and/ or DAW related issue. I suggest you contact Arturia support through your account.

You could test if it make a difference, if you select a generic controller setup in Analog Lab V.
You could perhaps also test, if you simply can draw in the automation in your DAW and it work that way.
That perhaps could help to pin the issue.

I’ll give these things a try. Appreciate your help.

Analog Lab is basically a wrapper. DAWs like Logic Pro are communicating with that wrapper, not with the underlying synth-engines. I don’t think you can automate parameters in the underlying synth-engines which can’t be assigned to an Analog Lab macro or control. This makes perfect sense to me, because otherwise it would be a ‘cheat mode’ for people to just buy Analog Lab Pro and yet have full configuration of the underlying synth-engines. If you need to automate controls or parameters that you can’t normally access through Analog Lab, you’re going to have to open the full synth outside of Analog Lab and ‘talk’ to it directly.

hi @Jon_Vincent.

Like i wrote, then it’s only possible to use the control assign feature, if you own full applications

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