Automation in Studio One

Studio One is famous for its extremely user-friendly DragDrop-style automation, which works equally well with all V Collection plug-ins, except Analog Lab.
When you try to drag an automation parameter from the panel to the track, a crossed-out circle icon appears. This only happens with this plugin.
How to solve this problem?

Hi @Vadym_S ,

Yes unfortunately this have not been fixed yet. I don’t know for sure, if it’s a Arturia or a Studio One issue.
I know this have been dicussed in both Arturia and Presonus forums.

It’s possible to assign the controls but not to actually change parameter values if you assign directly on the ALV GUI.

If you use controls that are mapped for Studio Ones Control Link, then you can assign hardware knobs to Studio Ones Control Link Macros and then add ALVs Macro automation parameters. This work.
It also work if midi CC’s are assigned with ALV in standalone mode.

I wish it also would be fixed, so it work like you describe without using hardware midi CC’s mapped for Studio Ones internal Control Link system.

EDIT: BTW: As far as i recall, then when midi CC’s are mapped to use for S1 Control Link, then it’s also possible to for example assign ALV’s macro knobs in the side panel and also other things can work - just not the elements in the ALV’s Controls panel. Very strange. It’s hard to describe. You can try it out. EDIT END

thank you! must try