Augmented yangtze prices-whats going on?

yo peeps…oh cheer up its a groovy day-astrolabs arriving at mine with a vocoder and a load of goodies,so what could sour the mood I wonder?
well I just tried to buy the new yangtze augment & the m/c let me take the offer of all six series 6 softs for £85 if purchased by may 16-I thought ZOWEEE!!! but when I tried on my money machine to purchase—total foobar​:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :cut_of_meat: resorted to 99 euros only,very sneaky if thats the modus operandi- -yeah it could be an error buttttttt…
keeps your eyes open sun people :sunglasses::crazy_face::disguised_face:

99 Euro is about £85 (£84.56 at this exact point in time)

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€99 is literally £85 as stated. Nothing sneaky or deceptive going on here.


Hi @chat-noir and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

As @Lp1958 and @Jon_Vincent have stated, nothing untoward going on here at all, it’s often a good idea to use a currency converter before making purchases, bear in mind though that they’re not always 100% accurate/up to date AND your bank might charge a ‘foreign currency’ fee if you use your bank/credit card, you should check first.
Also worth checking if ‘local taxes’/VAT are applied at the checkout too.


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I got it at the reduced price of 29 Euros, but even at full price I would have got it. It is absolutely wonderful!

sorry chaps just reread the post-ought to dicipher it for you.
it was the IT depts fault in fact :crazy_face

I did in fact purchase an astrolab,a vocoder and the whole 6 augmented series6 that evening-however between being an offer given and my buying the software at 99€ on an ipad,I then went to the studio and the secure mac to make my buy…just as arturia IT had a breakdown over something(prolly the augs!) and my offer had disappeared completely which I thought rather unsporting of them…so I waited …for five minutes when it was service as normal and I got my augseries 6 for £84 !!!

So there you have it-a waste of three minutes reading which you will not get back in you exciting lives!
(except jon vincent the veteran,whos adding it to his cruise ship job-you do werk the boots no?) :clown_face: