Augmented Strings crashing projects

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So, I went to start a project which is exporting songs from my Ableton Daw. However came to realize real quick that any song using Augmented Strings instantly crashes. I found this by using a back size on a song file and my Plugin was greyed out. Is there a way to update somehow that I am not aware of because I use aug in a LOT of songs that I have to get exported to FLAC and soon. If I can’t even open the file because of this it will force me to have to go in through back end saves of every song and deleting the plugin. Which also ultimately changes the entire complexity of the song{s] I am trying to export.
Any suggestion greatly appreciated

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Mac or PC?

What is your sample buffer size, sample rate and bit depth of your audio interface.

If running Windows, are you using ASIO driver mode?

What are your PC specs? CPU, Ram, harddrive type (SSD or spindle) ? Graphics card (sometimes this does matter)?

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I do appreciate the reply and I do agree however in this case it is not. I am able to open multiple other files including files from recent to extremely old. I have already found what the issue is and causing these songs to crash when trying to load and it all comes back to here.
Not to mention again that my Augmented Strings is now fully greyed out over night with nothing occurring out of the normal. This also includes Windows updates (obviously I’m on pc)
No, this is the plug in because everything around it completely works

**Update - Yep. That is what it was, a update and I did not have Art Center up. FIXED!

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