Augmented Series - World instruments

Hi! I know there are big plans for the Augmented Series in the future. Based on the introduction of Yangtze, I think it is likely more world instruments (possibly through Evolution Series) will come.

I’d like to ask Arturia what is the right platform for us if we want to suggest you (or put it up to vote) certain instruments to come into your consideration?

Hi @davidka911 and thanks for the post.

The right platform for suggestions is right here my friend!

Post away please!


Well then I know Arturia would not miss the opportunity for the Armenian Duduk to be included in some way.

I’d like Arturia to consider putting some Kavals into the Augmented series.

The Kaval

It is a traditional wind instrument mostly used by shepherds, geographically spread across many countries of the Balkans, Carpathians, and Anatolia. There are certain differences between the regional variations. Part of the distinct sound is made through overtone playing, and when the player hums into the instrument.

For example a Moldavian:

There’s a flutemaker, Winne Clement in Belgium who has a great deal of information on these instruments, and he’s also located not too far from Grenoble. (8hrs of drive, but that’s much easier than to drive around east-europe)
I would suggest to get in touch with him for a possible cooperation.

All of the regional variations are great, but I have a strong bias towards the Moldavian Kaval, as it is quite ancestral in our culture. The reason I dared to request/suggest it, that it is used in quite some places all over here, and I think others might find it’s sound unique and exotic. In general, Kavals can be great, fresh sources of raw sound for ‘augmentation’.

Thanks, David