Finally got my audiofuse mini audio interface running. Everything seemed to be working ok, but I keep getting LOUD clicking and popping noises from my headphones when I use the audiofuse mini audio interface headphone jack.

These clicks and pops get louder and still happen when I try to listen back to video online like YouTube or even video editing. I tried searching for “clicks” and “pops” on the forums, but to no avail for APPLE M1 . Please help me. I do not want to return this thing, but I might have to if this cant be resolved.

Hi @midorib

Clicks and pops are generally down to one of two reasons, either your system/interface is being pushed past its limits processing wise, or, it could be clipping of the audio signal somewhere in the chain.

Are you using the correct driver for your device and/or do you have the output level too high so it’s overloading (clipping) the outputs? Check to see if there are any channels clipping in the audiofuse control center software, if so, just lower the level of that channel.


Hi Matt! Thank you for the help!

This is the information of my computer, my minifuse driver I am using and the minifuse itself with how the layout is. It seems like it if I raise my music low I hear the clipping and when I raise it to higher I can’t hear it as much. I will post the other pictures below since I am not able to post in one go.

I see you are running Sonoma. Out of interest, if you use Arturia Synths, are they running ok as Sonoma is not officially supported yet.

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Hi again @midorib
Being a windows bloke, i’m not too au fait with Mac OS i’m afraid, so many thanks to @Funtmaster for pointing that out.
You could try to contact our support team as they MIGHT be able to help you to fix this situation.


@Funtmaster I’m not trying to run Arturia Synths, I’m talking about when I use the head jack in general I hear loud popping sound, even when nothing is on, I still hear it.

You’re so right! I just contacted them so hopefully I can find something but since Arturia Synths isn’t running on Sonoma like @Funtmaster said, it probably isn’t up in general which sucks.

I think @Funtmaster might have left a question mark off that statement, at least I read it as a question.
It’s a case of being patient now until Arturia products are officially compatible with your OS. It’ll happen :grin:

It was a question and I missed out the question mark. I was intrigued as I nearly pushed the button last week to upgrade to Sonoma and thought - hang on, the Arturia stuff is not verified compatible yet. Give it a few months and we can all breath again.

Yep, something many of us have learned the hard way over the years! :woozy_face:

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come off as rude or anything @Funtmaster . I really do appreciate both you and @matjones help. That’s why when you said the statement about Sonoma, I took it as fact. I guess updated my system too soon. :smiling_face_with_tear:

After Apple went into its M1 era, everything in terms of software updates has been crazy. I hope one day they can make it easier for companies and there teams when it comes to this.

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Hi @midorib
No worries! We’re all friends here! :crazy_face:

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