AudioFuse Studio with Audiofuse 16Rig

I already have the audiofuse studio and I need more ins and outs, previously i was thinking 8pre was the way to go but with the functionality of the 16rig for midi control and using it standalone when I dont want to connect my computer has gotten me interested. I am however wondering if these two will play well together since the Studio only supports 8 extra ins over ADAT - is that at all patchable or will I lose 8 ins on the 16rig if I try using them together? Any input into how these could be used together without losing functionality of either or is that hoping too much?

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Hi @Disintegration welcome to our community!

Yes the new 16rig is very nice! But de ADAT connection always adds in and outs so don’t worry. You can use together without losing functionality

Hope you are great!

The question was rather whether or not the AudioFuse Studio and AudioFuse 16Rig will work together with ADAT - AudioFuse Studio info says it only supports 8 extra channels via ADAT and I am not sure if it would even work as an expander if 16Rig was the main interface. 8Pre info says it can work as either an interface or an expander but neither of the other two says so in their info.

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Hi there,

I have almost the same question regarding the use of an AudioFuse Studio as an expander of the AF Rig16…

I have actually an AudioFuse studio + an ADAT “expander”, could I use my AudioFuse studio as an expander of the AudioFuse Rig16 (via ADAT 1-8 IN) while adding the ADAT expander connected also to the AudioFuse Rig16 via ADAT 9-16 IN as it seems that the AudioFuse Rig16 has 2 ADAT connectors and poytentially allowing 16 additionnal I/Os ?

To me it is not clear if this configuration could be supported by the AF Rig16 or not.

Thanks for your feedback/confirmation if you alreday tried such setup.