AudioFuse Studio Driver 2.0 Update Feels Like The Vulcan Death Crip on entire Music Ops!

I am dead in the water after two & a half years of owning the AudioFuse Studio. An update happened last night —that didn’t happened and as a result being that you cant do anything without a USB interface, my operations will suffer this weekend. I have done resets, reinstallations, reboots, restores, etc. I even got a response from tech support stating that they would “investigate” but provided no help to resolve the problem. I made it pretty easy in describing exactly what happened and the bottom line is that the latest driver does not do what it was designed to do. There is nothing that I have done, there is no virus—no malware, no threats, nothing. Just no sound. ANYONE who has or is experiencing this issue and has gotten a resolve, I’m at the mercy of your ears and direction. Further more— So after spending $1300 on this hardware to “futurize” my studio, I’ve had to run out and get a $80 interface that just happens to be on sale. But I shouldn’t have had to do this. This is not right. Not cool either.

I have Audiofuse Studio and I just checked latest firmware is still 1.07. So not sure what you are referring to unless they stopped the roll out.



Truth. Yes it says 1.07, however and regardless—whatever transpired last evening with an “update” I still have no sound coming from my monitor speakers or otherwise. It’s as if there’s no driver at all. It’s the most puzzling ever. There’s nothing that I have done----there are no viruses, malware, etc—and whatever happened it had removed the driver for the Audiofuse studio —when the driver was reinstalled, still no sound. :unamused:

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Before anything else, it might be VERY useful to the community if you were to list your system spec in able to help us to help you further.

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If you are on Windows, I can suggest to double check your drivers.

This update comes with a new driver. Not a driver update, a new one. And this can cause some issues.

The old driver name is “Arturia USB Audio Driver”, it’s installed in "C:\Program Files\Arturia\USBAudioDriver" folder.
The new driver name is “AudioFuse USB Audio Driver”, it’s installed in "C:\Program Files\Arturia\AudioFuseUSBAudioDriver" folder.

You need to be sure not to have the old one, and have the new one. The AFCC installer should do the driver uninstall/install process, but maybe an issue occurred during the process.

I hope this is your issue, and that it will fix it.
If not, I can only tell you to indicate that you checked this to our support team.

Please note that the support guys are not lying, we definitely are investigating some issues triggered with the past update and I hope we will understand and fix everything quickly.

I investigated an issue that could be linked to the AudioFuseControlCenterAgent which is running in the background. If the driver does not help, please try to force quit the agent process, reboot the interface and retry.
Please note that there will probably be a hotfix version of the AFCC if we found that there is a problem in it.


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Hi Tim. Thanks for your response to my issue. Firmware 1.07 was installed. By holding the Mono button and the power button to reset the monitor speakers, I can now visually see and hear sound coming from mics and the Korg Ex workstation inputs, however —when attempting to listen to audio from Spotify streaming, my music recorded mp3s, & mp4s, wave files, online content such as Netflix, I’ve got no sound emitting from the speakers. It has to be simple fix, however there aren’t enough buttons to push to make this happen. So technically —this is still an issue—no sound is no sound. Any insight, is MUCH appreciated as I’m going into a nearly a week with trying to fix my studio. Btw, I’m using Windows 11. Thanks.

AudioFuse Studio Firmware Update resolved. I’ll give the short version of what took place: When the update happened, it wasn’t flawless. There are still somethings in question as to what happened, but overall between Arturia’s genius tech support guys Tim & Jargis, and Punyashree over at Microsoft Remote Tech Support we were able to resolve what happened. The update defaulted the output volume to Aux 1 & 2 with Audiofuse versus Speakers 1 & 2. There is no way I could have figured this out on my own. Which has me with thoughts of taking a new class or two on Windows operating systems & the basics of understanding Windows 11— as I made the switch from Apple to Windows less 5 years ago. Patience is everything. Dont ever allow anyone to tell you otherwise. I was in doubt about Arturia but with 24 years in the game, I’m convinced that really did Future Proof my studio. Thank you to everyone who offered any insight to this problem. We learn together.


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I’m glad you solve your issue !

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REALLY glad you’ve got things under control now!
That’s an INCREDIBLY salient point you make there, it’s the mark of being a ‘true’ adult to be able to realise this, let alone admit to others… very well said sir!

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