Audiofuse Studio and Sonoma


Any issues with Sonoma and Audiofuse Studio?



Updated. No problems.

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I updated to the most recent release, 14.3, and my AudioFuse Rev2 stopped being recognized as an audio interface. It still connects with my AudioFuse Control Center and my DAW recognizes its midi channel, but my system does not recognize it as an audio source. Anyone else experience this?


Any luck on this? I’ve been putting off upgrading my mac to Sonoma because of my Audiofuse Rev1. It’s buggy as it is and seems there’s no support really provided.

Been disappointed with Arturia, I’ll stick with RME products in the future who continue to support drivers for long discontinued units.

Sorry for not updating. I unplugged everything and plugged everything back in and it works now. Also, I have the Rev2. Not sure what the differences are that would affect this though.

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