AudioFuse 16Rig: YouTube videos wrong playback speed

I’ve noticed a problem watching YouTube videos since getting an AudioFuse 16Rig. Very often, when I start playing a video, it plays back audio faster than it should, and the audio and video go out of sync.

If I switch audio devices back to my built-in output and then back to the 16Rig, that fixes it. Switching sample rates in the 16Rig also fixes it. I usually run at 48 kHz, but if I toggle to 44.1 and then back to 48, everything plays back at the right speed.

This isn’t a problem with the YouTube playback speed setting. YouTube still thinks it’s playing back at Normal speed, and the audio sounds different than when adjusting the playback speed in YouTube. Playing at a faster playback speed in YouTube preserves the pitch of the audio, but when I experience this bug, it is playing back at a higher pitch as well as a higher speed. In addition, as I mentioned earlier the video plays back at normal speed, so the audio and video fall further out of sync as it plays. It sounds like a sample rate translation problem: packing the 44.1 kHz sample data directly into a buffer that plays back at the faster 48 kHz speed.

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure whether the problem is a bug in YouTube, in Safari on macOS, or in the 16Rig, but I’ve only noticed the problem since getting the 16Rig.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ll report it to Arturia support, but I thought I’d check with other users, too.

Hi @tmoore

Yes it’s the missmatch in sampling frequencies causing it.

I avoid this by running my own system at 44.1 for ‘general, non music’ tasks and changing to a higher sample rate when needed, it’s just a couple of mouse clicks so no major bother.

Of course, i forget occasionally leading to hilariously sped up or slowed down audio.

Good to know I’m not the only one. Are you using a 16Rig, another AudioFuse interface, or something else entirely? I used a Focusrite Scarlett for years at 48 kHz, and it never had this issue.

Even with a workaround, it seems like a bug to me that should be fixed. It should be able to handle sample rate translation. As I said, it doesn’t always happen, so it must be trying at least.

I just powered up my interface and noticed something: the front of the device currently shows 48 kHz while the AudioFuse Control Center shows 44.1. So something is clearly out of sync. My macOS Audio MIDI Setup is showing 48, like the front panel. I tried playing a YouTube video, and it is playing at the right sample rate. I also tried toggling back and forth between 44.1 and 48 in AFCC and that does sync everything up again. So it doesn’t seem to be causing a problem at the moment.

Ableton is also involved. It has its own sample rate setting, and when I launch it, it does reset the sample rate to 48. That stays in sync between the hardware & software without triggering the problem in YouTube. Very strange!

Hi @tmoore

I use an RME interface myself on windows, apart from this minor thing i have no real reason to consider changing it. One of the best things i’ve ever purchased if i’m honest.

I just live with it as it really isn’t a major hassle.