AudioFuse 16Rig - Will it merge? Love the USB MIDI Host feature, but will it support a USB hub?

I know that the Kenton MIDI USB host boxes can support up to 4 MIDI USB devices on a standard hub (powered recommended). I’m curious if this can be supported on the 16Rig host jack to merge multiple MIDI controllers–could be quite useful when in MIDI standalone. Lots of use cases (eg. control surface, keyboard, encoder controller, sequencer).

I’m curious if anyone has tried it or if Arturia can or would potentially support this in the future if it doesn’t already work.
I’d test it myself but I’ve turned over too many junk drawers to try and find an old one with no luck.

I’m not sure there’s much point currently given that what can be controlled via midi is somewhat limited. Only 8 mixer channels (each supporting aux levels, main fader, mute/solo) are accessible at a time so simple MIDI merge isn’t going to be able to deal with the page switching required if you want to access parameters/controls across all mixer channels.

There have been a few requests in this area so I’m hoping this will be addressed in an update.

I’ve hacked together some python running on a tiny single board computer to perform the page switching to allow two simple 8-channel mix controllers to access all my channels. It’s not ideal but it works for now - I have to have something like this for the reason you identify - standalone mode.