Audiofuse 16rig USB Standard

Hello all trying to get some clarity on what the USB standard is for the 16rig? Specs on the product page only mention that it is fully USB 2.0 compatible but doesn’t really say what the actual standard is. Sweetwater site lists it as a USB 2.0 interface.

I would think in 2023 their new flagship interface would be at least 3.2 or USB 4 especially over the USB C cable. Any insight appreciated!

Hi @D_Money . Welcome to the community.

You are right it’s not specified.

As far as i understand regarding USB connection:
The bandwidth in USB 2.0 is enough for the channel numbers. USB4 offer more bandwidth.
The bandwidth can provide more lanes, but it does’nt improove the speed of each lane.

The speed when it comes to latency is not improoved. For latency it’s for example more about the quality of the soundcard driver and converters.

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