AudioFuse 16Rig stops working, works fine after restarting

I’m seeing some people mention that older AudioFuses have had this issue. I’ve been updating the software whenever there is an update. Is this a known issue?

It seems like I might have seen something like this.

I have Mac Studio → CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt Hub → 16Rig.

I’ve now seen it happen twice where after I go to use my Mac after it sat overnight that the AudioFuse isn’t showing as “connected” in the Control Center.

If I restart it, all is fine.

I am now trying a direct connection to a free TB port on the Mac Studio to see if things improve.

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Ok I can conform this is definitely happening to me.

When I return to my Mac (this usually happens overnight, so presumably it went to sleep), the 16Rig is still running fine in its standalone mixer mode, but I have no USB connection to my machine.

Disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting it doesn’t help. I have had to reboot my Mac Studio to get it back.


I haven’t had the problem with my 16rig, but I used to with a Focusrite 2i4. The Mac going to sleep overnight would sometimes lose the connection and I wouldn’t be able to get it back without power cycling the Focusrite.

I think I fixed it by turning off the Mac’s “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” setting, but I don’t even see that setting any more in 13.6.3.

I’ve got the same issue happening with my 16Rig w/ Windows - when I wake up the computer after it sleeps for some time, there’s no audio. The Audiofuse ASIO audio driver crashes, it isn’t the 16Rig itself - standalone still works just fine when this happens and the only fix is to restart my PC.

I’ve only had my 16Rig a week, and it’s very cool but I’ve had to do more troubleshooting and had more crashes than in the years I had my Focusrite 18i20s.


Sleep mode can do various things depending of the OS. It can creates weird behaviour and bugs on USB devices.

On windows, there is a setting to avoid the problem

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any similar settings on Mac.

Anyway, don’t hesitate to report the problem to our support


I too have this problem with my M2 Max MacBook and the 16Rig plugged into my TS4 Thunderbolt Dock. There are instances where even after laptop reboot I still have to power cycle the 16Rig. Major jump factor when you’re not aware it disconnected, open a plugin and a different audio source is now being used and creates a feedback loop