AudioFuse 16Rig - No AES/EBU (or even SPDIF)?

So, is it correct that the 16Rig doesn’t have AES/EBU or SPDIF out, not even optical by “sacrificing” one of the ADAT:s?

If so, for me, running AES/EBU to my monitors, that’s a dealbreaker on what otherwise seems to be a very well thought out interface for the synth-centric studio.

Hi @pinkyfluff ,
Yes you are correct in your assumption.
EVERYTHING is built to a price unfortunately, and if every interface were stuffed to the gills with every type of connectivity then the price increases exponentially.

I can see who exactly the interface is aimed at and it’s a VERY attractive piece of equipment at a very reasonable price.

Thanks for your feedback though!

Ok. I don’t have any problem with the decision per se, and I’m sure it’s a conscious one.

It’s just with the amount of Genelec 83XX-monitors (and other DSP-monitors) in the kind of project studios I’d guess is a primary target for the interface, I find it a slightly surprising omission. So I thought I’d actually double-check, before writing it off, that’s all.