AudioFuse 16Rig ADAT Focusrite Clarett 8pre


I’ve set up the 16rig as the clock source and the 8pre as the clock destination (not using word clock, only using optical cable). I’ve tried this on sample rates 44.1k and 48k. The 8pre is indicating a locked sync, however the 16rig is not detecting the additional 8 digital channels.

ADAT out 16rig—>ADAT in 8re

ADAT out 8pre—>ADAT in 16rig

Am I missing a step here or do I have a defective unit?

Thank you for any help

I have such a set-up but using a Behringer (forgive me) ADA 8200 as the ADAT expander.

The first issue I had was that you must use the first ADAT in/out on the 16Rig. It’s marked 1-8 and I think only this ADAT out has a clock.

Also the 8200 had to be switched to “clock slave” mode via a switch on the back - not sure how you do this on the 8pre.

Finally, and embarrassingly, after some head-scratching I noticed that all the Behringer gain knobs were set to zero…

Once I switched to 1-8 on the back of the 16rig and flipped the Behringer to clock slave, and turned up the gain, it worked flawlessly.

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HI @nsjobuk and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

As @derriz generously describes, you’ll need to set up a ‘master/slave’ relationship between the two units, usually a good idea to use the interface (unless you have a VERY nice dedicated clock unit) as the master device and your ADAT unit to slave.
I use AES here for my Neve 8801 into my RME FireFace UFX III and it’s the same method for all digital connections, although some do require the use of a Word Clock connection too.
ADAT, afaik, always carries its own sync signal and shouldn’t need Word Clock, certainly seems to be the case from my own experiences using ADAT connected devices.

If anyone knows better then please do chip in!


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Thank you for the kind response:) Shortly after I posted my initial query, a pipe burst flooded my apartment and have been hopping around, so haven’t had a chance to respond.

But in better news I did figure out the issue! It was that I had to specify (within the Focusrite Control software) that the 8pre’s ADAT outs were being fed by the 8pre’s analog inputs- rather than by DAW playback… Why this would need to be specified is a little strange in my opinion, but :man_shrugging:t4:

Thanks! turned out to be an easy fix within Focusrite Control app- specifying the 8pre’s ADAT output was being fed by it’s very own analog inputs (for some odd reason this isn’t the default setting)

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