AudioFuse 16Rig 48V setting not retained after power cycle

Hi, new 16Rig user here. I’ve just finished setting up my unit and have noticed that the 48V phantom power setting on Input 1 is not retained after a power cycle. It seems I have to turn this on every time I want to use it after powering up the unit.

Is this normal behaviour and, if so, why?

I have tried saving my setup within the AFCC but as soon as I reboot the AF, the 48V reverts to ‘off’.

All help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:



Yes, I noticed this behaviour also and it is quite annoying. I can’t see why this behavior would be desired/deliberate? I can only assume it’s a software bug. Maybe someone from Arturia could confirm - it’s trivial to reproduce.

I’m also a new 16rig user - it’s a radical change in workflow compared to using an analog mixer, etc - so initially little annoyances like this seemed minor. As I’m starting to get back to actually making music, it gets more and more irritating - even though I’ve learned to not waste time chasing cables, jiggling connections, etc. to find out why my mic “isn’t working”.