Audio output stops working

I’m having the same output problem that is mentioned in a number of unresolved threads in the legacy forum. Audio out suddenly stops and a power cylce gets it working again.

It’s the Rev 2 version on firmware 1.2.3 and I’m on a M2 Macbook Pro, and am ready to give up on this thing as my audio interface. Is there a fix before I jump ship to another brand?


Hello !

We detected an issue on AF2 which does exactly what you describes.

Please note that this bug is fixed now and a new AFCC version which fixes the problem will be released very soon (probably next week if everything is smooth, maybe a bit later if we found any other issue).

We’re sorry for that. Note that this is a AFCC bug, so as a temporary workaround, you can revert the software to the previous version until we release the fix.

Anyway, thanks for the report.
And sorry for this issue, I hope you will be able to use your audiofuse flawlessly as soon as possible.

Cheers !

This is good news.

Why is the bad AFCC version still available for download??? If you know what the problem is why don’t you take the bad version down?

The problem still persists even after the latest update ( via software center, the only way to make it work is changer power plan. Meh.

Hi @EugeneB
Glad to see you’ve made it over to the new forum.

Really sorry to hear this!

The best course of action might be to log into your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

Because it is bad for AF2 users, but it is great for everyone else (AF4/8 and 16Rig users).
And a fix was coming quickly so there was no need to remove the version.

That’s weird. Can you contact our support team please ? The will probably be able to help you.


I’m am also still having the issue after updating to 2.21.842 (arm64).

HI @bechillnow

Sorry to hear this is still an issue for you, please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.