Audio Fuse Rev2 - No Line Outputs?

I cant figure it out really, but is there no real Line Output for the Rev2?

I want to get the Signal from my DAW (Ableton) to my Sampler (Octatrack) and back, because i use the Octatrack as a Sampler or as a Effects Processor. All Signals to the Octatrack and back to the DAW. But i cant get it to work really. Only thing that works was, that i use the Speaker B Output for that, but then i have to switch to Speaker B and then i cant Hear my normal Speakers anymore… .

Need some help here… :slight_smile:

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I assume you want stereo in both directions? If you can live with mono from the DAW to the Octatrack, you can use the Reamp function. It uses one of the Speaker B outputs.

Replying again to add that if you need stereo both ways, you might be able to do what you did above (DAW → stereo out Rev2 → Out Speakers B → Octa → stereo inputs on the Rev2 → DAW) and use headphones?

And now I see you posted this on April 11 so you’ve probably already figured it out.