Audio Fuse 16 power up (switch) and noise issues

prior to my Audiofuse 16rig, I had an Audiofuse Studio + an ADAT “input extension” which were working perfectly . I have now replaced both by the AF 16 Rig…

The AF Studio was automatically powered ON when switching on my PC as they were both on the same power strip.

With the AF 16 RIG I have now to manually press the power button on the front panel in order to “wake up” the hardware.

Is there a setting somewhere to have the AF to be automatically ON when powered ?
I could not found any information about this neither in the manual nor on the web until now. thanks

And also another annoying issue which was not occuring with my AF Studio: When powered ON, the AF 16RIG is sending a big “CLOC” noise to the monitors. I could put them on a separate switch in order to delay manually their switching ON but it start to be complicated if when switchin on my PC I have now to:

  • press the AF16Rig power on button
  • and then after 10 seconds switch on my monitors

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Cheers, Eric

HI @encore1

If you power your system down, rather than leaving it on 24/7, it’s really wise to have a power up/down routine to prevent damage to anything in your setup.
That’s why you’re hearing that ‘CLOC’, sounds very much like your monitors are receiving a power spike, these can potenitally damage your monitors and other components in your setup.

The most sensible way of doing it is to power up from your computer and ‘outwards’.
Fire up the computer, then your interface, then your monitors. If you use some kind of mixer between the interface and monitors, then power that up before the monitors.
You should ‘power down’ in reverse order of the above.



thanks a lot for your suggestions.

The funny thing is that with my old good Audio Fuse Studio I did not had to do these steps therefore I am wondering if this could not be something “fixable” via a firmware update. The only thing which has changed in my setup is the AF 16 RIG in fact.